Auto Insurance in Billings, Montana: What You Need to Know

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When shopping for auto insurance in Billings, Montana, you need to understand the state’s legal requirements for minimum insurance coverage. Each state has its own optional, required, and recommended coverage amounts. In Montana, you need at least $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident for bodily injury liability and at least $20,000 per person for property damage liability, according to auto insurance website ValuePenguin. Review this guide to find the most affordable coverage options for your needs in Billings.

Average Auto Insurance Cost in Billings

According to MoneyGeek, drivers in Billings pay an average of $1216 for an annual auto insurance policy, about the same as the average across Montana. This average is nearly 15 percent less than the U.S. average annual policy cost of $1424. Billings residents have an average payment of $81 per month for car insurance, which is less than the average of $85 in Missoula, $89 in Great Falls, $92 in Butte, and $98 in Bozeman, based on current data from Insurify.

Cheap Auto Insurance in Billings by Company

MoneyGeek reports that the most affordable auto insurance companies in Billings include these average annual policy costs:

  • $1012 from Allstate
  • $1084 from Allied
  • $1058 from GEICO
  • $751 from State Farm
  • $517 from USAA
  • $1124 from Progressive
  • $2062 from MetLife
  • $1320 from Farmers Insurance

    While USAA is often the most affordable option for drivers, only military members and their families have access to these low rates. MoneyGeek suggests State Farm for drivers who want to pay less for car insurance but do not qualify for USAA coverage. MetLife has the most costly car coverage in Billings on average.

    Average Insurance Cost by Driver Age

    Young drivers pay more for insurance than older drivers, because teens and drivers in their 20s have more accidents than their older counterparts. Insurify reports the average monthly cost of car insurance by driver age in Billings:

    • Teens: $294
    • 20s: $194
    • 30s: $160
    • 40s: $182
    • 50s: $115
    • 60s: $145
    • 70s: $110

      NerdWallet reports that these companies have the most affordable average annual full coverage rates for 20-year-old drivers:

      • Farmers Insurance: $3992
      • Farmers Union: $2216
      • Nationwide: $3223
      • Progressive: $4284
      • State Farm: $2173

        Twenty-something drivers shopping for minimum coverage should consider these companies with the lowest average yearly premiums:

        • Farmers Union: $494
        • GEICO: $722
        • Progressive: $1038
        • Nationwide: $843
        • State Farm: $520

          Getting several quotes can help control the cost of auto insurance for young drivers. As you get older, you’ll find your premiums go down as long as you maintain a good driving record.

          Average Insurance Cost With Violations or Poor Credit

          Insurify reports that Billings drivers see an average insurance increase of about $12 per month after a speeding ticket and $19 per month after an at-fault accident. Poor credit results in only a small rate decrease of about $32 for an annual policy compared to a driver who has excellent credit.

          The Zebra notes that the rate increase after violations varies based on the type of violation, your driving record, and other factors. The auto insurance website reports these average annual policy rates after common tickets and incidents:

          • $1443 after a not-at-fault accident, 4 percent higher than average
          • $1480 for driving without lights or failing to use a child safety seat, 7 percent higher than average
          • $1542 for failure to wear a seatbelt, 11 percent higher than average
          • $1635 for failure to show insurance paperwork or driving with an expired registration, 18 percent higher than average
          • $1776 after a ticket for driving too slowly, 28 percent higher than average
          • $1819 after a ticket for failing to yield, 31 percent higher than average
          • $1830 after a ticket for speeding in a school zone, 32 percent higher than average
          • $1851 after a distracted driving ticket, 33 percent higher than average
          • $1887 for driving with an open container of alcohol, 36 percent higher than average
          • $1991 after an at-fault accident, 43 percent higher than average
          • $2000 after an arrest for driving under the influence or refusing a breath test, 44 percent higher than average
          • $2070 for a reckless driving ticket, 49 percent higher than average
          • $2112 for driving on a suspended license, 52 percent higher than average
          • $2121 for racing another driver, 53 percent higher than average
          • $2130 for a hit-and-run accident, 54 percent higher than average

            Best Insurance Companies in Billings

            Insurify determined the best insurance companies in Billings based on a composite score that accounts for an insurer’s health, reliability, quality, and financial strength. The website considers customer reviews and satisfaction surveys as well as ratings from industry organizations. Based on this information, Insurify strongly recommends these Montana insurance companies for Billings drivers:

            • Travelers Insurance: Composite score of 80, average monthly cost of $142
            • Safeco: Composite score of 86, average monthly cost of $247
            • Nationwide: Composite score of 89, average monthly cost of $235
            • American Family: Composite score of 89, average monthly cost of $176

              ValuePenguin ranked insurance companies based on their claims satisfaction scores from J.D. Power and Associates and financial strength scores from AM Best:

              • Satisfaction score of 5 and financial strength rating of Superior: USAA
              • Satisfaction score of 3 and financial strength rating of Superior: Allied, Allstate, State Farm, GEICO, Progressive, and MetLife
              • Satisfaction score of 3 and financial strength rating of Excellent: Farmers Insurance and Safeco

                California Casualty and National Farmers Union each have financial strength ratings of Excellent but did not receive J.D. Power ratings.

                While these averages provide an estimate of the cost of auto insurance in Billings, the amount of coverage you need and other personal factors will influence your individual rate.

                Check this out if you need additional information, resources, or guidance on car insurance.


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