4 things we learned from Apple’s bombastic earnings call

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, big tech companies haven’t stopped making massive piles of money. Apple announced its earnings for the April-June time period last night, and the $2 trillion company had another record quarter on its books.

Here’s what we learned from it:

1. This was Apple’s most profitable spring quarter

What’s an Apple quarterly result with the words “the most profitable quarter ever” in some context? Apple earned $81.6 billion in revenue (up 36% year-on-year), and recorded $21.7 billion profit. These numbers make it the most successful April-June quarter in the company’s history.

2. The iPhone 12 is a hit (and other hardware is also doing well)

Apple stopped reporting iPhone sales numbers more than two years ago. However, the company said that it registered a 50% growth in sales year-on-year with more people buying computing devices in the pandemic. The total worth of those sales? A whopping $39.6 billion.