VET: ATH after ATH -the start of the parabola! for BINANCE:VETUSD by cryptobullethbtcxlm

Vechain hasnt gained that much yet compared to other altcoins. This is because VET has been around for a while and there isnt that much hype around it.
However this is all about to change, VET has one of the best fundamentals and will be one of the biggest players in the Chinese block chain empire.
And yes; China is the empire for block chain, not Europe or USA; China will be the first to launch their CBDC and create mass consumer adoption for blokchain.
If you dont know what im talking about; do your research and find out what and why.

VET has many many partnerships in China with corporations and the government, this means that they will be one of the (if not the) first block chain with MASS consumer adoption.

Dont think because you hold some coins you are adopted on the block chain, youre just in it for the win; which is fine but block chain will be mass adopted for multiple use cases.

When this happens in the next years; VET, LINK, DOT, ETH, KSM , UNI , MUSE and many more will be the winners and shitcoins will disappear. VET will be the first to get that adoption.

Long story short, VET is mega bullish on TA and fundamentals, check the chart for short term targets and yes I believe this the start of the parabola!

We are in full price discovery so we can snap parabolic anytime, make sure to ride the wave!

This is not financial advice, you invest with your own research and based on your own opinion and at your own risk.

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