LTCUSD to break out: A Comparison With BTC in October 2020 for COINBASE:LTCUSD by brotoshee

So how do you draw horizontal lines while trading Crypto?

I cannot stress enough on the importance of VPVR when drawing support and resistances. Here I present and example using BTC:

In 2020, most people were showing 14000 (2019 top) and 20000 (2017 top) to be areas of resistance. TA and patterns only work if the assumption behind those TA systems and patterns are valid. If those price actions had very little volume , you cannot really trust them. IN REALITY, very few people trade at the very top of a bubble. If you imagine a line of FOMOers, at these tops it’s the very last people in the line who are buying. Hence these regions NEVER hold as resistances. Check the previous ATH levels for BTC , BTC blasted through every one of them. NOW if you look at VPVR, the “real top” as far as volume is concerned was 12.4k. It was game on after it broke above this level. THIS is true price discovery .

For LTC, this level is 250 USD. LTC spent very little time above this level for the price action to be meaningful. As a result, LTC has been chopping ever since it came close to 250 USD. This is a key long term price region when analyzed on the ultra long term idea that I posted earlier (and I will keep updating).

Bottomline: IF you are a LTC HODLER, please for the love of GOD don’t sell at previous high once we break above this last zone of resistance. Price should reach between 500-700 USD (1.236-1.618 on fib levels) on bullish momentum.

For ultra long term cycle charts on LTC, follow my related chart ideas below.

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