BTCUSDT – Target 53000 will be soon for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by dinhchien

* Historical statistics from 2018:
* Strategy will enter 2 orders, Order 2 will appear only when there is Order 1:
– Percent profitable of 1st order: 64.76%.
– Percent profitable of 2nd order: 49.86%.
– Average percent profitable: 57.31%.
14 consecutive wins.
4 consecutive losses.
Order 1: risk / reward ratio 1/1 used to determine if this rule is effective or not?
Order 2: Appears when there is order 1, Use take-profit and take-loss level of order 1 at Fibonacci 75%.
. * 1st Order conditions:
– Buy: When the ADX index cuts up to 45, check earlier if the closing price has cut up and is above the Upper 2 line, enter the Buy order.
– Sell: when the ADX indicator cuts up to 45, check before that if the closing price has cut down and is above Lower 2 then enter a Sell order.
* How to enter Order 2: When order 1 appears, there are always Stoploss and Takeprofit levels. Draw Fibonacci from take-profit and take-loss prices, Fibonacci retracement level = 75%
1. Trend identification:
– Channel Keltner:
… Uptrend: when the closing candlestick cuts up and is above the Keltner channel, the Upper Line 2
… Down trend: when the candle closes and falls above the Keltner Line Lower 2
*** Free reference and use:
Keltner Color count:

2. Rules of entry:
– Channel Keltner:
… Buy: Candlestick closing price cuts up and above the Keltner Upper 2.
… Sell: The closing price of the candle cuts down and is lower than the Keltner Below 2.
ADX indicator:
… Buy: The ADX value crossed to 45 and the close of the candle was higher than Keltner Upper 2.
… Sell: ADX value cuts to 45 and the close of the candle is lower than Keltner Below 2.
3. Stoploss and Profit = atr (20) * 2.

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