IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For April 7, 2021

Question Answer(s) Chris it is announced Bung E A couple sources pronounced it with a soft G. Good Morning! Welcome back, Blaine! from the lakes of Minnesota to the ocean shores of LA – Good Wednesday Morning to the entire IBD Live International Team Good morning, Scott! Goooooood Moooooorrrrrnnnnniiiiinnnng IBD! Good morning! Good morning. Can I ask for comments on RETL vrs. individual retail stox? Thanks a quatrillion. Hi Maurice, we need to see what are the biggest components, even if it represents the retail companies in the Russell 2000. That said, I do like how 1) the breakout has been excellent since the move past 59.09 in Nov. 2) two great tests of
the 10-week moving average, two chances to add shares; and 3) it represents part of the current sector leadership. That said, keep in mind that with 3X leverage, risk control is always paramount. Just my personal thoughts — Hat Man D Good afternoon from Israel! Welcome Cobi! Good morning all. GM Clifford Two Princes – Spin Doctors Reminds me of college. Hey Irusha We told you guys he wouldn’t stay away. Gotta love the banter!! Thanks Jon & Irusha as the ‘special guests’! Always appreciate Chris and Ali as well.. Great team chemistry GM IBD, Glad to see you Jon, Irusha the man, made me money in tsla and saved me $$ from pton. Cool Longer-term option plays for this market live answered GM…take a look at the 1994 and 2005 How to make money Desk Diary and can you bring it back for 2022? Great information and charts that would benefit CANSLIM investors! Blast from the past! Thanks for the mention, Bill Irusha, I’m glad to hear you will be on live every week! So are we! GM from Cape Cod. GM Jon…..big fan for years. Nice comment WSM – w recent NSDQ follow-thru, is this one you’d consider for applying 8-wk hold rule? We are def using the 8 week hold rule as long as the market permits, Douglas! Still on Leaderboard, half position. 2004 Desk Diary not 1994… Got it very interested in knowing what does a PM do everyday, maybe irusha can share, thanks Frank, check out the past IBD podcasts, you might get some nice nuggets — I am aware this is not the correct forum, but are you going to post the leaderboard scorecard webminar you had yesterday? Check out We have them all there including yesterday’s. Which stock Irusha is talking missed name PINS Irusha: PINS: “Re-BreakOut” Principle PINS: Monster Stock, Monster Ownership 1/03/2021 *ZEVENBERGEN GENEA 2.6% A+; *Firsthand Tech 3.8% A+; *Barron Opportunity 2.4% A+; *TRANS AMERICA 1.7% A+; *MFS Tech A+;*Allianz Gi Tech A+; *Franklyn Dynatech
A+; *Primecap Oddessy Aggr Grwth; *MS INST DISCV 2% A+, *Contra; *Fid Gro; *Blackrock Tech A+; *Oakmark Global E; – OAKMARK BOUGHT HIGH PE STOCK – I looked for precedents where stocks Broke out Big then Pulled Back Ugly. I found that the
Pivot of the PRIOR BASE was the level to potentially get back in. PINS has done that Nice, thanks for your input! Frank Is Irusha Peiris now considered a guest…? Still with IBD for a few more weeks, but he’s the one person who is staying with the parent company. “Can you talk about sector leaders QFIN and bitcoin play Riot? Is it a good time to get into leader INMD? Thank you.” QFIN remains a Sector Leader. Nice 10-week support. Question for dr J – PINS action looks options driven, big gaps in last 4 days on lower vol, any unusual here? Same action in SQ live answered Buy alert- JOAN …ipo base live answered Bungee was the local word for weed in the Congo and became a slang term among the merceneraies who fought in the Congo war in the 50’s 60’s. Info from a close friend of mine who fought there @Chris Now you’ve done it. He’s going to like it even more. txg drop — news? live answered Thoughts on SE and YETI today live answered PRFT hit pivot live answered I lost my regression line from COMP, could you please share the regression is parking right now starts on 4/6/20 and the latest anchor in 11/4. Is IBD moving away from the CAN SLIM style? No way. Buckle (BKE) has a 97 Composite Rating on IBD. Has a three weeks tight a couple of weeks ago. Pulled back slightly, but found support at the 10 week line. Is this stock actionable or does it need to show more strength? It was trying to break a downtrend yesterday but reversed. I’m waiting for it set up again. TXG down 3% any news? I’d watch the weekly chart too. Hat Man Please provide the dates for the regression channel. TD blew out my settings On our FAQ page — 🙂 PRFT – Perficient breaking out this morning. Actionable? live answered PRFT breakout. On Ready List. Comments? It’s a good looking breakout. A less liquid name, trades on average less than 300K. That can work in your favor though when lots of buying comes in. With new parent ibd still same now but will this continue I found this is best for researching stocks That’s the idea. Dow Jones wants IBD to remain IBD. TXG comment please Down after running up strongly for several days. This is probably good news – perhaps TXG could set up a handle before a breakout. SQ? live answered TSM is below the 10 week. Would you give it until Friday? It originally broke below the 10-week line the week of March 5 and that could have been used as a sell signal. But it seemed to get some supporting action that week so if you had a lot of cushion I could see giving it room and the selling
seemed to give way. The concern now is whether that 10-week line is acting as resistance. Buy now- JOAN …ipo base live answered Where do i find the swing trader watchlist. don’t see it on the app or online? contains a link Ali – I don’t know is Jon sees the questions – if not can you ask him how he handles stop loss’s on Options. What per centage of the Option Trade does he use as a stop loss? Our poll Qs today are going to be Jon-centric, and he was about to answer as well when his internet went out! Can you review the Earnings Gap Up Strategy? We have this on our FAQ page at 🙂 where will you put the stop for JOAN? live answered ANYONE ASK ABOUT UTME YET? We’ll need some more trading activity before making a decision on it but looks like one to watch. Good morning from Ottawa ,Ontario! BTW, Joanne Fabrics has been in bussiness about 30 years as far as I can remember. live answered Option trading – Where does Jon get informatin on put/call volumes and prices? His service Market Rebellion is all about spotting unusual option activity with a proprietary algorithm/AI Would you please explain the significance of 5 min interval? eg why not 10 min? There are a number of intervals we use, 5- 15- 30- 60- etc. and it really just depends on how quick of a trader you are. The shorter the duration, the resistance and support areas will be closer and less forgiving. to the Team – how do you handle this: you buy a stock in buy zone, set the Stop at 7-8% below your buy price; stock declines just to your Stop and you are stopped out. After that, it moves higher. This is so frustrating! Has happened to us
several times recently. This morning it happened with CLF – bought at 19.50; set Stop at 18. This morning is dropped briefly to just under 18 & we got stopped out. Since then it has risen, up to 18.50 now. Arghh !!! live answered ED — Breaking News (CNBC) EU medicines regulator finds possible link between AstraZeneca Covid vaccine and blood clots. If I’m reading the news correctly, it looks like they are still saying the benefits outweigh the risks. Doesn’t look like AZN is getting hit particularly hard today. Topic: why doesn’t pattern rec see HIMX base? With 1Q pre-announce, it has 4 Q of accel earn & profit growth. I don’t know why pattern rec isn’t showing it. Certainly with today’s move HIMX is clearly building the right side of a base. Any interest in SAM? Buyable here? This is a good case of looking at both the weekly and daily charts. For MarketSmith users, pattern recognition makes it look extended from a pattern on the daily, but recognizes a new pattern on the weekly starting the week of Feb. 19, putting
it in buy range here. Speaking of digital assets, any thoughts on “trading” GBTC and RIOT? live answered What is the name of Jons Bitcoin trading app? Voyager What the name of the APP John mentioned? Voyager TXG is down over 6%…..Now I remember how volatile it can be Yep. It’s fun when they go up but these big movers go both ways. Anyway to watch replay of LeaderBoards webinar from yesterday? keep an eye on the top banner of for the link! what is the company for crypto Jon uses to trade crypto….He mentioned it. Voyager is the app. do you worry about stocks that are coorelated? Is this a varriable to consider. It seems that many IBD stocks would have a ralatively high level of price movement that is similiar. How does this effect risk management? Yes. You do have to be careful of that. And keep in mind the “correlation of crisis” that is, when there is an overarching correction in the market indexes (or very strong moves like bubbles) you will find the correlations increase significantly. Do members of IBD Live and IBD Digital have access to the ready and watch lists- and where to access them. Thanks James D. IBD Live members have access to the Ready/watch lists. Go to and look for archived shows. Next to that day’s show you’ll see a recap summary. At the top of that summary will be a link to the edited Q&A and the latest
ready and watch lists. Can you talk about HZNP? Maybe HZNP is working on a handle. So far it’s acting normally. Chris, CLF a small cap? more volatilty to be expected? More of a mid cap and it trades 21 million shares a day, so very liquid. These mining stocks have been tough breakouts lately. ZIM Trading fairly tightly on a weekly basis. Might be able to form a 3wks tight after this week. Doing that, or consolidating for a couple more weeks, would be nice to see. In Mike’s new position with his company, is he prohibited from coming on the show as a special guest? It would be good to hear from him once in awhile. He’s barred from speaking about the market in public. We’d love to have him. On CMG, I see the Daily Volume is up 101%, but why isn’t the Blue Bar higher? The day isn’t over yet. That’s projecting forward if volume stays at this rate. CMG. JIM CRAMER TOLD HIS LISTENERS TO BUY CMG IMMEDIATELY! RIGHT NOW AS HE SAID IT WILL BE UPGRADED THE NEXT SEVERAL DAY live answered THanks Alli for GM vs F live answered Irusha – Your IBD Investing with IBD podcasts are the reason I joined IBD LB and IBD Live! Your joy in those podcasts will be missed. Also, as an Asian American, I appreciate seeing folks who look like me. I hope that you can come back often
and wish you the best in your journeys. He will absolutely be coming on as a guest. He already promised. Look at TXG it’s falling live answered Size off 10 week??? Check out the IBD Live FAQ. We have an article and calculator on how to use the 10-week. Please review what each color line represents. Info at

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